Письмо буває різним. Інколи це лише одна влучна фраза, як от підпис до фото. Щоб трохи перепочити і розважитись під час онлайн навчання, створювали з учнями підписи до фото. Чимало про наболіле: карантин, обмеження на подорожі, онлайн навчання. Гортайте карусель і побачите творчість наших десятикласників.

Caption 1: The reason why I don’t like spending time with my family
Caption 2: Kindergarten play be like:
Caption 3: This lockdown is driving us crazy
Caption 4: When the boarders are closed and you have to swim in grass
Caption 5: That feeling when some weirdo tries to ruin your park swimming

Caption 1: Finally found a quiet place to work
Caption 2: Me trying to find a peaceful and quiet place for online learning
Caption 3: Perfect quarantine
Caption 4: Distance learning. The year 2030.
Caption 5: The place where I would definitely do my HW

Caption 1: Me: I think I look cool
Caption 2: Home alone
Caption 3: That’s the kind of sport I’d try
Caption 4: When quarantine lasts for the second year
Caption 5: Fighting coronavirus

Caption 1: sometimes feeling like this:))
Caption 2: Got my second jab!
Caption 3: There is always “fun” in “funeral”
Caption 4: I need to add some colour to this party!

Caption 1: I’ve had enough
Caption 2: The best mailman
Caption 3: My turtle when I forgot to feed her for one day
Caption 4: When I haven’t finished arguing with smb and this person is trying to run away

Caption 1: Nyan cat
Caption 2: You forgot to feed me!!!
Caption 3: “Let me in!” “Wait, let me out” “I want back in”

Caption 1: One step for a rhino, a giant problem for everyone below
Caption 2: That’s me trying not to make any mistakes during the end of year test
Caption 3: Sometimes it’s just not enough to believe in yourself
Caption 4: error 404