Have you thought about video blogging? Well, here are the main steps on how to do it:  
  1. Choose a niche in which you have expertise and passion. You can test several directions like video games, roller skating or make up. Find out which topic attracts the most new subscribers and focus on it.
  1. Create a content plan. It is a table with a schedule where you write dates and types of videos for publication. Mix clever and useful videos with light and entertaining ones. Don’t be afraid to be creative.
  1. Invest in video quality. Use a good camera and mike. Pay attention to lighting, sound, and visuals. Learn to use professional software for video editing like Premiere Pro.  
  1. Promote. Talk about your video blog on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Get in touch with influencers and advertisers to attract people and monetize your blog.
  1. Respond to comments! When you communicate with the audience, it makes your channel more personal and brings you subscribers closer to you. If you keep silent – they leave. 
  1. Analyze the statistics. How do you know which videos get more attention? One of the ways is to calculate the Engagement Rate (ER) of each video.
To calculate ER, divide the total number of reactions (likes, comments, shares) on a video by the number of its views and multiply by 100%.
Let’s try a simple example. If you have all together 400 engagements (likes, comments, and shares on an Instagram reel) and 4000 views, then: Engagement Rate = 400/4000*100% = 10%.
But what is a good engagement rate? If your results are somewhere between 10-20% you are doing great!
Conclusion You will need time, effort, and creativity to make a thriving blog. Be persistent and create content that you enjoy to reach your first 1000 subscribers and monetize.